Crestwood IndAus Care

Crestwood IndAus Care Pty Ltd is an emergent organisation for alms and charity that had been established as a fund raiser for a home for Indian kids with intellectual disability. I, Basker Ratnam started this organisation in 2005 and along with my team of individual contributors, had been involved in caring and supporting the ailed, disadvantaged and the needy for many years in the past.











The organisation involves many volunteers and philanthropists, whose common interest in indulgence of selfless service towards charity and help for the needy. These volunteers give time, money, service, information, goods, voice and also their social influence for the unfortunate and needy; thus also encouraging donors and contributors to contribute generously for the cause.

We have been well known organisers of social, sporting events for entertainment and use this opportunity to raise funds for noble cause. One of the many such attempts by our organisation to raise funds for the trust is intending to delight Indian settlers and subcontinent/South Asian visitors in Australia with an extravagant musical event. Crestwood IndAus Care hopes to unite melodious minds and the musical hearts together on one night that can be filled with rhythm, improvisational music of different Indian genres.



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