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Accomplishments and Activities

Though the organisation had been registered and established recently, the people involved in the organisation
had been giving disadvantaged people, better chance and light all through their selfless 
service for many years.
  • The organisation's history starts in 2004-05 Tsunami relief, providing food, finance and support to the wreaked eople of the greatest natural disaster.Though there was aid from many humanitarian organisations, NPOs and other international charter, our organisation had been supporting and aiding the affected people in continuum till date. Basker with his good will had sponsored and been supporting a centre for disabled kids for nearly 10 years.
  • Ozanam centre, Mother Teresa congregation, Kolkata, India is a home for several children with intellectual disability and delayed mental growth. The centre had been provided with financial aid, supported education for the children, health benefits and other civic development and welfare.

Other Activities:
The organisation had mostly involved with charities of self-funds and personal interests. However there were many social events and activities conducted through this firm that had been soliciting and
congregating voluntary funds.

Sporting events, religious programmes that has long humanistic traditions of alms and support, had been
overseen and conducted by Basker. Events such as this have provided the grounds for collecting donations from individuals, businesses, trusts and institutions.

Children are our hopes for the future world, and they deserve basic life essentials immune from abuse,
diseases and educational and economic opportunities. Homeless communities and poverty line kids have
been lacking these basic amenities and had been deprived of these mandatory essentials.
Funds raised through above events and programmes has been manifested in good deeds and development of these unfortunate kids and the needy children.

National Cancer Foundation, Australia
National Cancer Foundation is an non-profit organisation which works hard to raise awareness of risk factors, prevention measures and the benefits of early detection of cancer, and to provide dignified accomodation for patients and their families during oncology treatment. We get no government funding and rely entirely upon
the generosity of the Australian community to fund these programs.

This show event has registered a fundraiser with National Cancer Foundation to improve the quality of life for people sufferering from cancers.



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